The Weak god of Liberal Christianity

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Zack Hunt agrees with Pat Robertson that young earth Creationists (YEC) are morons.
After all, he’s gone to great lengths to make it clear he doesn’t believe in Calvin’s God; for those of you keeping score at home, that’s the God of the Bible.
See, Mr. Hunt, and Rachel Held Evans, and all the other liberal celebrity Christians, have invented a god that they can be comfortable with. One who doesn’t disagree with them. A weak, powerless, pathetic deity.
So if Mr. Hunt wants to stand against 6000 years of great Christian thinkers (Calvin) and scientists (like Newton and Maxwell) he’s perfectly free to do so. But his god is deaf, dumb, and blind. And therefore so is he.
I’m glad I worship the God of the bible and not Hunt’s and Evans’ and Robertson’s deaf, dumb, and blind god.


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