Confusing faith and science

I would only add that much hangs on a literal Genesis and a real Adam. But more on that later, of course.


The New York Times ran a series of articles last week on creationism using a question that could lead people to thinking that one must choose between faith and science. The Times asked, “Why are some people drawn to origin narratives like in Genesis, and others to the scientific story?”

This question is only necessary if one accepts a false comparison between what faith and science are meant to contribute. The narrative of Genesis offers a historical account of how the universe began. But there is no scientific story to explain how the universe came into existence. The Big Bang Theory is used to explain arrangements of matter but it does not necessarily conflict with what we find in Genesis.

Science, as a discipline, cannot offer conclusions about ultimate origins of matter. Science can describe in fascinating detail what is observable within the universe. Science can speak of purposes related…

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