The Politicians’ Wife-Swapping Club


It seems that ever day another politician has cheated on his wife . Anthony Weiner is currently in the public eye, due to his Twitter malfeasance, but he’s not the first, nor will he be the last. The pandemic of unfaithful husbands in “Washington” is covers the city like one of those deadly flu strains that newspapers are always warning us about.

This is not a new problem. Political philandering has been around from the very beginning, when Amen-Hotep, may he live forever, had a fling with a young priestess of Isis that was leaked by his grand scribe, Breit-Bart. Amen-Hotep, may he live forever, denied the affair, apologized, held a lot of press conferences and eventually found Ra. The cycle has continued to this day.

Because of its long history and continual presence, almost no one has thought of a way to solve the problem of political infidelity. Nevertheless…

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