It’s Good to Be the Church

This afternoon I came across the following article: 30+ Examples of Christian Privilege. While the author is living in sin and encouraging sin in others, he has a good point – things are still pretty good for Christians in America. I think we tend to forget that when we see the denigration of true Biblical faith, and we imagine that we are heavily persecuted.

We’re not. Persecution is bad in places like Syria, Egypt, and similar countries. We live (in my case) in the “Christ-haunted South.” Even though America is desperately trying to shake itself of the truth of the Gospel, we’re still very much alive and kicking.

The reality is that we are in fact living in a war. This war has been going on for 6000 years and even though the death blow was struck on the cross, we’ve got some mopping up to do. Satan is NOT going to win. We go to war every day, and we return each Sunday to renew Covenant with our Lord (well, some of us).

The problem is not with the world that’s attacking us. The more pressing issue lies, ironically, with the kinds of people who publish and read the articles linked above. The Christians who are actively campaigning for the downfall of Biblical truth (does that make sense? didn’t think so). The enemy is in the gates. Hell cannot prevail against the Church, but the Church can certainly hinder itself.

Why are we losing the culture battle? Because there are Christians who won’t baptize their children, won’t partake of the Lord’s Supper weekly (with said baptized children), won’t get married, won’t even HAVE kids, and who think we need to encourage heathen behaviors like homosexuality and whoring after other gods.

When Israel strayed from God’s commandments, he went after them and called them back. When they refused to listen, he sent Babylon against them and destroyed them, and raised up a remnant.

If we don’t reform the Church (in America especially), we will be crushed by Babylon and God will raise up a new people who will follow his commandments; we are already seeing this in South America and parts of Africa. The judgments against America are already coming – yea, they are here, and their desire is for us, and they come in the form of acceptance of sexual perversion and Christians themselves committing blasphemy against the Spirit by undermining the Church.


The enemy is within the gates. Reform the Church, and the world will be reformed.

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  1. Mark

    We are reading Steve Hill’s book the Spiritual Avalanche at my house and even though the statements are not exactly the same the Spirit is saying the same thing. Sin is sin and there needs to be repentance.

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