Homosexuality, Hate, and the Christian Response

A caveat

I’m writing this primarily to and for Christians. If you don’t admit to yourself that Yahweh God and Jesus Christ His Son is Lord of all, then you have bigger fish to fry.

What is sin?

First of all, we need to get some ground rules laid. Unfortunately, a characteristic of mainstream American Christianity is the complete ignorance of ground rules. One of the big ones is sin. As a culture, we seem to have forgotten that there is such a thing as sin. We try to be “good people,” with little to no knowledge of what that entails. The Bible is very clear that we are all born sinful, as a consequence of our federal covenant under Adam. The only way to be declared holy is by the grace of God wherein we enter into covenant with Christ. This is the means of salvation, and yet it is essentially ignored today. We have watered down Christianity into a philosophy that requires very little of us, and certainly nothing that demands we change.

So what is sin? Sin is any want of conformity unto, or transgression of, the law of God. It’s when we do things contrary to the nature of God in whose image we are made. We are all sinful creatures in Adam. Each of us has a different set of trials that God in his wisdom has seen fit to assign to us. We have no right to complain that this is not fair – all the works of Yahweh are just and fair. The fact is that some people will never turn to Christ, and these people are going to hell. And this is for the glory of God. However, we cannot know the hearts of men,  we must judge them by their fruits.

How do we deal with sin?

So when we sin, what do we do about it? How do we respond? What if we see sin and it’s someone we know?

This is an easier question to answer if the offender is a baptized brother. We are reminded, or remind, that we are bound to Christ by our baptisms and thus should not demean that by living in sin so as to make the blood of Christ of no account. We are bound in a covenant, and must live as befits followers of Christ. Now, no man can perfectly keep the law except Christ. We despise the blood of Christ by our nature. But when we sin, we confess, repent, and turn from our sin. We cast it away from us.  We do not excuse out on the grounds that it is our nature. This excuse is inadmissible on Judgment Day.

Is homosexuality a sin?

I’ll put it this way – if this is not apparent to you, you need to pick up a Bible sometime. It is condemned in part of the Old Testament law, the part that did not pass away but rather was made full by the coming of our Lord. In addition, Paul repeatedly lists this among other sins, often explicitly describing it. So if you believe God is not a liar, then you must also believe that anyone who is struggling with homosexuality is struggling with a real and dangerous sin.

Is homosexuality a choice?

This is the million dollar question. Apparently, if we can prove that homosexuals choose that lifestyle, then we have proven its inherent sinfulness. Game, set, match.

This has several problems. First of all, we already have or proof of its sinfulness, the Holy inspired Word of God. Second, if they do not accept Christ as Lord of their lives, we need to be leading them to Christ. It does us absolutely no good to fix the symptoms of a fallen nature. We need to fix the fallen nature by praying that the Spirit would soften their hearts.

So, no, I don’t think the fact of its existence is a choice anymore than any other sin is. However, we do have a choice as to how we respond to the presence of sin. We must shun it.  For how can those who have died to sin in Christ live any longer in it? Not everyone has this specific temptation. But the response should be the same whether you struggle with anger, addiction, bitterness, lust of any kind, etc. Paul is clear that the specific sin is a secondary matter to the fact of its presence. Since we are sinful creatures, sinning is our nature – so why does it have to be a choice?

How do we deal with it?

The same way we deal with any other sin – with love, compassion, and patience. This does not mean acceptance or approval.  It does mean trying to understand the depth of the addiction and the psychological tolls.

We must be careful to know why we oppose it. We don’t oppose it because we don’t like it, or we find it gross. These may be true, but they are irrelevant. We oppose it because it is contrary to the law of God. Dan Cathy expressed this very well. He made no “homophobic” remarks. He merely stated that it is inviting God’s wrath. I would have added, “because all sin invites God’s judgment, and we live in an age that calls evil good and good evil.” Unfortunately, I cannot defend many Christians in this manner. It seems that there are a large number of Christians that oppose homosexuality, and then are overjoyed to discover the Bible does too. This is confirmation bias. And they should know better than to insult or deride those who struggle with sin. “For as such were some of you.”

In a recent Trinity Talk episode, Steve Deace mentioned that the homosexual agenda and the  Religious Right came into play at about the same time. The RR elected Reagan, attempted to affect top-down change. The homosexuals worked from the bottom up, and they are winning today.

In conclusion

We cannot fall into the trap of condoning this behavior. Many Christians feel that they will appear hateful if they oppose sinful actions. So? True love doesn’t let people destroy themselves. We have to uphold the truth of the Bible. Let the world deride or pity, we will glory in Thy name. We must not hate – but neither can we accept what God has declared sinful. Fight the good fight with the sword of the Word.

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