Resurrectio et Vita

Worship is hard work. By the end of this hour you should feel the exhilaration of a runner, except magnified. Biblically, New Covenant worship is far simpler than Old Covenant Worship. Those detailed descriptions of worship in Leviticus are no longer applicable, except as important broad patterns. Why is this the case? Because the Bible is one great story, and patterns of worship in the Old are going to be found in the New, and the New is going to look to the Old.

The Protestant model of worship has made worship accessible to the people, which has always been the intention of the biblical text. Biblical worship is heavenly worship, and heaven is accessible to all believers. So in many ways our worship is heavenly friendly, because we want the heavens to be opened for you each Lord’s Day.

But do not let the simplicity of white robes, a…

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