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Anthony Milton includes John Davenant’s “On the controversy among the French Divines” in his The British Delegation and the Synod of Dort (Boydell Press, 2005) 397-402. This is a particularly interesting and helpful source because it shows a classic “Anglican” perspective on issues at the heart of the atonement debate. Written during the Synod of Dort and its controversies, (*see footnote for correction [1]) Davenant reveals an insider’s perspective on the theological and social divisions within the Synod. Davenant speaks directly to the subject of John Cameron’s teachings and the claims of the Saumur School. He defends himself from charges of being an adherent of the Saumur theology, yet he also lays out a sort of “middle way” between the Cameronians (later termed “Amyraldians”) and the High Calvinists associated with Gomarus and the contra-Remonstrants. Davenant’s letter is thus a prime example of moderate Calvinism.

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