Man Against World

Dr. Peter Leithart is one of the wisest men I know.

“We always marry the wrong person.”  And if by chance you married the right person, “just give it some time and he or she will change” (Hauerwas).

We search the world for a partner to help us build a little kingdom where all our selfish dreams come to pass.  We want someone who will leave just as we are.  We want a spouse who adjusts without our having to make any adjustments.  We want the benefits of cohabitation while remaining essentially single.  We don’t want a husband or wife. We want to sit on the throne, and what we really want is a worshiper.

What we get instead is a spouse who prods and pokes and provokes and won’t let us be our old selves, those selves in whom we take so much delight and pride.  God doesn’t let…

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