By His Grace, For His Glory

Dispensational and Covenantal theologians approach the Bible with different hermeneutical presuppositions. One of the key differences in this area is the method by which we go about relating the prophecies of the Old Testament to the teaching of the New Testament. The dispensationalist tends to, first, come to conclusions about the meaning and fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, from the viewpoint of the Old Testament itself. Then, he will interpret the New Testament through the grid of the conclusions he has already firmly come to regarding the fulfillment of the Old Testament Scriptures. In a sense, he makes the Old Testament authoritative for interpreting the New Testament. The covenantal interpreter, on the other hand, takes an approach that is almost opposite. He tends to make the New Testament the authoritative guide for his understanding of how Old Testament prophecies come to fulfillment. Now, he will still read and interpret the…

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