Fog On Pleasant Hill

This morning I ran into an article by Dr. Peter Leithart, a pastor from Moscow, Idaho, which put forth the idea that the greatest threat to Evangelicalism is from within. With a cursory glance at all of the other problems we face, he places the central difficulty in how we address the Lord’s Supper. While he picked at a number of things, and there’s plenty to pick at, I want to target one specific aspect of the problem: frequency.

To begin with, in American Evangelicalism there is often a hesitancy when it comes to making the Supper important, since it smacks of Catholic excesses. But, whatever the nitty-gritty of your theology, it has to be admitted that in some sense, “this is my body, broken for you,” and “this is the new covenant in my blood.” The Lord’s Supper is holy. So we can’t just relegate it to some neglected…

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