Absolutely excellent. A must read.

Man Against World

From Robin Philips. This is powerful stuff. See his links to fully understand these statements, which would definitely provoke most Christians today. (By the way, sorry for the everlasting delay between posts. I can’t even plead an overfull life. It’s just full enough.)
I’ve recently been researching the history of Gnosticism and I am struck by the number of Gnostic tendencies that the modern church has imbibed without realizing it. (For a good overview of what Gnosticism is, see my article on Irenaeus or my review of Against the Protestant Gnostics.)Following are eight Gnostic myths that much of the contemporary evangelical church has adopted (and obviously I am generalizing, a practice I defend here).

Gnostic Myth # 1: Christianity isn’t a Religion, it’s a Relationship

By relocating the nexus of religion in the private experience of each individual and self-consciously downplaying the public and corporate aspects connoted…

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