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Judaism’s Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism (and then Christianity) Rejected Homosexuality


This is an extremely good article on homosexuality and the reasons that God calls it an abomination. He also does a pretty good job of addressing the fact that some people call it an illness, or something that can’t be helped.

One of the only comments I have on this is the distinction he seems to draw between Judaism and Christianity. Yes, they’re different. But the Scripture he’s addressing is part of God’s Word, and is not specific to the Torah. Judaism is simply the name for the religion that once was part of the promise but rejected the Messiah (and is therefore a false religion, despite its belief in the “Old Testament” God). Therefore I consider it inappropriate to address this from a (almost) purely Jewish standpoint as he seems to do.

His reasoning is correct, however. This is a very helpful article.

I especially liked his point on the truth of the Torah (I would say the Word of God, more accurately). It cannot have been written by man because man never has and never will think like that. It is outside and antagonistic to our nature. Its only possible source is something outside the nature of man, and we know that to be God.


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