Tolerance is Killing the Church

Sad. Just sad.

A Roman priest was recently “removed from service” for preaching what the Bible says, that is, that homosexuality is a sin.

"We have to try to fight [homosexuality], destroy it, or do our best to invite people to change their life," Gionet told CBC.

"And that’s something which is from my duty as a priest. I have to teach the truth to the people. I have to tell them how they should live to be with the church because if you’re gay you’re not with the church."

Amen, brother.

Then some other priest makes some wussy, “tolerant statement” about why Father Gionet is being a terrible, terrible person for preaching truth.

"That’s always the challenge in today’s world: to be faithful to the callings of Christ and yet respecting people where they are," said Father Wesley Wade of the Bathurst diocese.

That’s just the problem, Father Wade. You seem to think that respecting people and loving them means leaving them to rot in their sin. The callings of Christ are hated by the world. Don’t preach them, because people will persecute you. And get their feelings hurt. And we don’t want that, right?

The “callings of Christ” are against homosexuality. But apparently, when push comes to shove, that gets rudely swept under the carpet so the rainbow parade doesn’t get rained on. Sorry, Jesus. I’ve got better things to do.


We can’t even point and laugh at the Romanists for this, because we have just as many or more problems of the exact same nature. There was recently a big to-do in the UMC about a priest who performed a homosexual marriage (forbidden by the bylaws of the UMC), and whether he should be defrocked or praised for “rebelling against the system.”

PC-USA is now allowing homosexuals to join the ministry.

Not to mention the even less “hardy” denominations, most of whom are not very biblically versed, and probably not even aware that homosexuality is condemned in explicit language in both the Old and New Testaments.


Let me be clear. This is not about hate. This is about truth. We are to hate the enemies of God. We are to love sinners and bring them to the truth (although true Godly love is often harsh in its application).

Homosexuality is like an addiction. It is a sin and a sickness. It must be treated as such. Being a homosexual does not make you not a Christian any more than being a murderer precludes you from Christ. However, if you remain in your sin (unrepentant of your homosexuality or your murdering ways), then you will be subject to judgment. Hopefully this will come from your local church, but ultimately it will take the form of eternal Divine justice.

It is only right for the Church to warn sinners of their sin, and urge them to repentance. This is what Christ did. We are to point them to Him as the only way to be washed clean of their sin.

When the Church stops doing this, She neglects one of her primary missions: to be a light in the world. If the light stops shining, then all that is left is darkness.


The church that teaches that homosexuality is tolerable is a church that is weak, impotent, and sinful in itself. It has no mission, no goals, no power, and no value. It cannot be a church, because it explicitly condones sin.

Father Gionet was preaching what he knew to be right.

Gionet said he understood the controversial nature of his sermons, but felt he had done nothing wrong.

He expressed surprise at being relieved of duties.

Well of course he expressed surprise. After so many years of teaching truth, to have the institution responsible to guard the Truth stab you in the back, I’d be reasonably surprised as well.


The issue, while coming out strongest in the issue of homosexuality, remains the same at heart: Truth is being ignored in favor of so-called “tolerance.” I have posted on this before: I think it’s time for a reboot. Stay tuned.


I do not agree with most of Father Gionet’s theology. He is a Romanist, a Mary-venerater, and who knows what other weird stuff Rome is into these days. But I will say this: I would stand for this man any time, anywhere. He is standing up for what the Bible says. He needs our support and prayers.


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