Llyfr Taliesin XXXIII

A Song for Urien Rheged

In rest,
A song I kept.
Respect and plenty
And mead I possessed.
I possessed mead.
His triumph,
And fair lands,
A great wonder.
And gold and hour,
And hour and treasure,
And plenty
And esteem.
And giving a desire,
A desire of giving it
To encourage me.
He slays, he plagues,
He cherishes, he honours,
He honours, he cherishes,
He slays before him.
Presence was given
To the bards of the world.
Ever certainly
To thee they say
According to thy will
God hath caused to thee
The shoulder of kings
Against despicable fear.
Incitement of battle
The protection of a country.
The country protected
Battle of incitement
Usual about thee
The tumult of capering,
The capering of tumult
And drinking of ale.
Ale for the drinking,
And a fair homestead,
And beautiful clothing,
To me has been extended.
The lofty Llwyvenydd,
And requests open.
In one dwell
Great and little.
Taliesin’s song.
Thou comfortest it.
Thou art the best
Of those that have heard
His vehement animosities.
I also will praise
Thy deeds.

And until I fail in old age,
in the sore necessity of death,
May I not be smiling,
If I praise not Urien.

Eg Gorffowys

Eg gorffowys
Can rychedwys
Parch ach vinnwys.
A med meuedwys.
Meuedwys med
Y oruoled
A chein tired
Imi yn ryfed.
Aryfed mawr
Ac eur ac awr.
Ac awr achet
A rodi chwant.
Chwant oe rodi
Yr vy llochi.
Yt lad yt gryc
Yt vac yt vyc.
Yt vyc yt vac.
Yt lad yn rac.
Rachwed rothit
Y veird y byt.
Byt yn geugant
Itti yt wedant Wrth dy ewyllis.
Duw ryth peris
Rieu ygnis
Rac ofyn dybris.
Annogyat kat
Diffreidyat gwlat.
Gvlat diffreidyat.
Kat annogyat
Gnawt am danat
Twrwf pystylat.
Pystalat twrwf
Ac yuet cwrwf.
Kwrwf oe yfet
A chein trefret
A chein tudet
Imi ryanllofet.
Llwyfenyd van.
Ac eirch achlan
Yn vn trygan
Mawr abychan
Taliessin gan
Tidi ae didan.
Ys tidi goreu
Or a gigleu
Y wrd lideu.
Molaf inheu
Dy weithredeu.
Ac yny vallwyf hen
Ym dygyn agheu aghen.
Ni bydif ym dirwen
Na molwyf vryen.


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