Llyfr Taliesin XXXII

A Song for Urien Rheged

Urien of the cultivated plain,
The most generous man of baptism,
Abundance has been given
To the men of earth.
As it has been gathered,
It has been scattered.
Joyful the bards of baptism
Whilst thy life continues.
There is greater joy
For the high-famed, and liberal of praise.
It is greater glory,
That Urien and his children should exist.
And he especially
The supreme Guledig.
In a distant city,
A principal pilgrim,
The Lloegrians know him,
When they converse.
Death they had,
And frequent vexation,
Burning their homesteads,
And drawing their coverings.
And loss,
And great incomprehension,
Without obtaining deliverance
From Urien Rheged.
The protector of Rheged,
The praise of Ier, the anchor of the country.
My inclination is on thee,
Of every hearing.
Heavy thy spear-throwing,
When the battle is heard,
When they resort to battle,
A smarting is made.
Fire in houses before day,
Before the sovereign of the cultivated plain,
The most fair cultivated plain,
And its most generous men.
The Angles are accustomed to be without homage
From most valiant king.
A most valiant progeny,
Thine is the best.
Of those who have been, or will be,
There is not thy match.
When he is looked upon,
Very great is the terror.
It is usual to look for him,
For an active king.
Around him a modest demeanour,
And the varied multitude,
The splendid prince of the North,
The choicest of princes.

And when I fail in age,
In the sore necessity of death,
May I not be smiling,
If I praise not Urien.

Urien Yrechwydd

Uryen yr echwyd. haelaf dyn bedyd.
lliaws a rodyd y dynyon eluyd.
Mal y kynnullyd yt wesceryd.
llawen beird bedyd tra vo dy uuchyd.
ys mwy llewenyd gan clotuan clotryd.
ys mwy gogonyant vot Uryen ae plant.
Ac ef yn arbennic yn oruchel wledic.
yn dinas pellennic. yn keimyat kynteic.
lloegrwys ae gwydant pan ymadrodant.
agheu a gawssant a mynych godyant
llosci eu trefret a dwyn eu tudet
ac eimwnc collet a mawr aghyffret
heb gaffel gwaret. rac vryen reget.
Reget diffreidyat clot ior agor gwlat
vy mod yssyd arnat. O pop erclywat
dwys dy peleitrat pan erclywat kat.
kat pan y kyrchynt gwnyeith a wneit.
Tan yn tei kyn dyd rac vd yr echwyd.
Yr echwyd teccaf ae dynyon haelhaf.
gnawt eigyl heb waessaf. am teyrn glewhaf.
glewhaf eissyllyd tydi goreu yssyd.
or a uu ac a uyd. nyth oes kystedlyd.
pan dremher arnaw ys ehalaeth y braw.
Gnawt gwyled ymdanaw am teyrn gocnaw.
Amdanaw gwyled. a lliaws maranhed
eurteyrn gogled arbenhic teyrned.

Ac yny vallwyf hen
Ym dygyn agheu aghen.
ny bydif ym dirwen
na molwyfi vryen.


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