Song of Hezekiah – Gregorian edition

As I continued with my Gregorian typesetting binge, I thought it would be interesting to set my Song of Hezekiah in the Gregorian style. It lent itself quite well, being a straight chant.

As before, the only obstacle to this format being used regularly is the lack of familiarity with neume notation. People don’t like change.


First, here is the Gregorian version


And here is the “normal” modern version:


Also, for some reason, I created layout files that will spit out these PDFs at a size that displays excellently on a Kindle (or any other 3.6” x 4.8” PDF-compatible device). Usefulness? Not sure. But if any of you want either of these pre-formatted for Kindle, let me know. I can hook you up.

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