Gregorian Chant Typesetting

I’m learning how to typeset Gregorian chants using the LilyPond open source typesetting software. I’m not sure what practical use this has (at least at the moment), but it does make some very pretty scores.


I may consider setting my cantillation interpretations to Gregorian neumes, as they are fairly easy on the eyes and easy to sight-read, if you know how. The main problem with this is that most people are not familiar with Gregorian neumes or ligatures.

There are some excellent resources on the web if you are interested in learning how to read Gregorian chants. Let me know.


Ave Maris Stella

This is a fairly simple chant: a good beginner piece for me to start learning the ligatures and neumes. It means “Hail, Ocean’s Star.” (click on the thumbnail to view full PDF).Ave Maris Stella


Rosa Vernans

This chant is a good bit more complicated. I chose this one to test my newfound typesetting skills. Looks pretty good and very close to the original. It means “Rose in Bloom.” (click on the thumbnail to view full PDF)Rosa Vernans


Please comment with thoughts, suggestions, improvements, or ideas.



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