Llyfr Taliesin XXVIII

Alexander the Great

I WONDER that there is not proclaimed
An acknowledgment of heaven to the earth.
Of the coming of a giant Ruler,
Alexander the Great.
Alexander, possessor of multitudes.
Passionate, iron-gifted,
Eminent for sword-strokes.
He went under the sea,
Under the sea he went,
To seek for science.
Whoever seeks science,
Let him be clamorous in mind.
He wont above the wind,
Between two griffins on a journey,
To see a sight.
A sight he saw,
The present was not sufficient.
He saw a wonder.
A superiority of lineage with fishes.
‘What he desired in his mind,
He had from the world.
And also at his end
With God, mercy.

Ryfedaf na chiawr

Ryfedaf na chiawr
Adef nef y lawr
O dyfot rwyf gawr
Alexander mawr.
Hewys hayarndawn
Cledyfal anwogawn.
Aeth dan eigyawn.
Dan eigawn eithyd
Y geisiaw keuydyt.
A geisso keluydyt
Bit o iewin y vryt.
Eithyd oduch gwynt.
Rwg deu grifft ar hunt
Y welet dremynt.
Dremynt aweles
Pressent ny chymes.
Gweles ryfedawt.
Gorllin gan pyscawt.
Aeidunwys y ny vryt.
A gafas or byt.
A heuyt oe diwed
Gan duw trugared.

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