Recent Find: Introduction to Psalmody

Three Ways to Sing the Psalms


I recently discovered this great introduction to singing the Psalms. He goes through the three main forms that the Psalms have appeared in since the early Church.

Singing the Psalms is warfare. The Scriptures indicate over and over that music is how God shapes the world. The Psalms are prayers for us and against our enemies. When we sing them, the powers of Hell tremble in fear, because they cannot stand against it.


I don’t agree with everything he says here, namely that we should sing psalms exclusively. While I believe they should, as the Word of God, be given precedence over any other songs, 2000 years of Church history has given us many great hymns of the faith which can and should be sung.

But all in all, this is an excellent summary of Psalmody, and I highly recommend it, as well as further exploration into singing the Psalms as we should.


Blessed is the man who can find all three in one Church.

That would be me.


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