Peru: Day 6

We’re done.

At least, we have no more time. The septic pit is “finished,” and although more more work remains to be done, we’ve made a good dent in it. Half of all the pipe has been laid and buried.


I worked primarily on a sidewalk.




The remainder of the day was spent touring Huaca de la Luna – the Temple of the Moon. The Moche civilization lived in this area from around 100-900 AD. Huaca de la Luna faces another, larger temple, Huaca del Sol, across a 100 acre plain that once held a city with many thousands of people. Huaca de la Luna was the religious center while Huaca del Sol housed the political activities.




The temple has not been reconstructed at all. Due to the way that each successive story was added to the temple, the artwork is exceedingly well preserved, even down to the colors. Nothing has been restored.

Huaca de la Luna was a site of human sacrifice. Many remains have been discovered at the back of the temple in what is apparently the ceremonial dumping ground. The Moche, like all South American cultures, was built on the blood of sacrifices to the pagan gods, most notably Ayapec, the Decapitator, depicted above. White Mountain, rising from the back of Huaca de la Luna, is supposedly his dwelling.



Tomorrow, we’re taking a tour of the city one final time, and then heading home. Keep us in your prayers.


One comment

  1. Rachel

    I’ve loved the temple and those tombs that they buried over i thought that was interesting… hope you liked it as much as i did! 🙂

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