Peru: Day 5

By now we’ve settled into a pretty good rhythm. The septic pit is almost finished and we’ve begun to bury the pipe that leads into it.


Many, many large rocks impeded our progress. Those things are much heavier than they look. And now we know why God confused the languages at Babel: our efforts to remove were immensely confusing because we spoke very little Spanish, and the Peruvians helping us knew even less English. But after much gesturing and arguing, we got it all worked out.


The rest of the day was spent at Trujillo’s largest market. It was insanely crowded. But then we moved out of the open air market into a maze of stalls under a huge tin roof. The space between each booth is about a foot and a half, and people stand and peddle their wares all day. It’s essentially a free market mall. What if America, with its incredible resources, simply move to a free market model? Our economy would absolutely explode with abundance. If people in Peru can make a living like this, we could benefit so much from it. Ah well. Dream on.


Tomorrow is the last official day of work. On Friday, we’re taking a tour of all the churches and mission plants around the city before the arduous struggle past the airport and back to the States.


Keep us in your prayers!


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