Peru: Day 4

The excavation continues. We’re about 6 feet down now: a foot left but it seems like a mile.


Several large boulders had to be hand lifted out of the pit: there’s no rope out here and the sides are extremely sandy, so they had to be lifted straight up for the most part.


Lunch was good. Beef and rice and yuca and tastiness.


Then we went on a walk around one of Trujillo’s market plazas.


Old Romanist churches dot the city, and are open for touring, as long as you’re quiet. It never quite sank in until now how pagan the Roman church has become…the sheer number of idols available for genuflection would have made the Greek Pantheon green with envy. Beautiful art? Yes. But even the ancient pagan Incan art is aesthetically pleasing at times. I didn’t count, but there were at least seven different “stations” along each wall, each with a different saint. It really hammers home the need for a Reformed mission field and the great work God is doing here in Peru. Most of the natives here in Trujillo are nominal Romanists.

What's wrong with this picture?

And of course, hand made mango ice cream is always a plus.


Keep us in your prayers! We hope to finish the septic tank hole tomorrow and possibly begin work on another pit, this one for a cistern.



    • Rachel

      I know… each meal i savored because i knew wouldn’t have this kind of food for a while or never again!

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