Peru: Day 3

So this morning, we began the actual work.

We drove to what is essentially the higher low part of town, called Parque Industrial. There is a small church (Iglesia Evangelica Presbiteriana El Redentor – the Redeemer Evangelical Presbyterian Church) there, with another building they hope to utilize as a clinic. However, there is no running water in this part of town, and so our task is to install a septic tank in the backyard so that bathrooms can be added on to the clinic.


The backyard before all the work:100_1393

While we worked behind the church, the medical staff set up a makeshift walk-in clinic out front, and treated the locals that would pass through.



The soil there is mostly sand and rocks. Very big, heavy rocks. Digging is arduous. Ever try to dig a hole at the beach? It’s like that, only you’re digging through rocks, garbage, possibly human remains, and other assorted trash. Dust is everywhere.






The hole must be at least 7 feet deep and 7 feet across. When we packed up for the day, we’d dug about 5 feet, and it’s constantly caving in, so we’re not sure how wide it is at the top.

Then we headed back home to the hotel to shower and rest up before supper tonight.



Time for some rest. Tomorrow we’ll hopefully finish the cistern hole and trench and lay the necessary pipe.

God bless. Keep us in your prayers!


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