Peru: Day 2

We met up with the rest of the team this morning: after inclement weather in Miami delayed their overseas flight, they were forced to switch flights no less than 5 times before they finally were able to grab a last minute plane. They did not arrive until around 8a this morning, getting less than 8 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours.


We worshipped this morning with the saints in the Arevalo Presbyterian Church, which our church has supported spiritually and financially since the beginning. It was interesting to attend a service that was entirely in another language…it gave me a glimpse of how Luther must have felt, sitting in the Roman churches while they waxed eloquent in Latin. (Not to slight the Arevalo Church at all – quite the contrary. Spanish is, after all, the tongue of the common people in Peru). They did have the words to the songs up on a projector, so we pretended we knew more than 6 words of Spanish and “sang” along.

Arevalo is currently expanding their church complex. The current building, one of many to come, dominates the surrounding district of Manuel Arevalo. At four stories, it stands out among the red and brown brick of the downtown area.



Cerro Cabras, the Mountain of the Goat, stands in the background.


Arevalo hopes to expand its current facilities, thereby gaining a permanent lease of land from the government (they must prove that they are actually making progress in order to keep the land). A medical clinic is about halfway done.




Tomorrow, the team will be headed to Parque Industrial, where we will be doing both construction and setting up a medical clinic.

Your prayers are appreciated.

¡Gracias a Dios!


One comment

  1. Ed

    Thanks for the updates, Shelby. I’m really glad y’all were able to do this. I went to Argentina when I was 15 and it changed my life seeing the world in a new way, and seeing my life — I what I thought was important–in a new way too.

    Hope all goes well. Tell your dad and Jackson hello for me.


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