Peru: Arrival/Day 1

So after we sat on a very long (6 hour) plane ride, fought our way through immigrations and customs, we arrived in Lima, Peru around 1am. An over night stay in a hotel and we were off again at 10am on an hour-long flight back north to Trujillo, the City of Eternal Spring (the international airport is in Lima, which is south of Trujillo).


The Reformed Missions team seems to be doing well. Keep them in your prayers.


Initial observations about Peru:

  • Almost all of the vehicles here are Japanese, especially Toyota. I don’t know why this stood out to me. There are also a fair amount of the old-school 70s VW Beetles.
  • All of the models on billboards are white, North American women. They’re plastered on the windows of beauty salons and on walls. I wonder if this is an attempt by American commercialism to take over the South American market.

But I admit, the fresh squeezed mango juice is pretty good.





When I have some actual news to report, I’ll post back in. With more pictures.



  1. Kathryn McCrary

    Dude. I noticed that too! (about the cars)
    Is your hotel the building on the right with the flags, in that last picture? That’s where we stayed. Also, I have a pic of that pepsi building too. 😛

  2. Rachel

    Shelby…. I SAW some of this stuff… this is so cool! I’m VERY jealous we couldn’t go at the same time!

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