Llyfr Taliesin XXII

The Plagues of Egypt

The Hebrews took upon the sons of Israel,
High in mind,
A joint number in succession.
They approached.
God kept vengeance
On the people of Pharaonus.
Ten plagues paining
Before their being drowned
In the bottomless sea.
The first plague, fish destroying
With unusual cold.
The second plague, frogs abundant,
They filled the rivers,
The houses and furniture,
And couches,
And closets of meat.
The third, gnats,
Bold and sharp, were arranged.
The fourth, a sharp watery humour
Strikes in the manner of winged insects.
Next were devoured
The fruits of the trees arid the field
By a crop of flies.
The fifth, murrain.
On all the children
Of the Egyptians,
Animals were destroyed.
With a heavy disease
They were all smitten.
The sixth, without deceit,
Sweating imposthumes,
The scars of ants.
The seventh, thunder,
Hail and fire,
And rain destructive.
Wind blasting the tops,
On leaves and shrubs.
The eighth, locusts,
Broad their ears,
Devouring flowers.
The ninth, prodigious
To be spoken of, terrible,
Like waves floating
Black darkness.
With a countenance gloomy.
Tenth, in the night
The greatest affliction
On the people of the tribes,
Christ Jesus, Christians, are prostrate
Until they are in shelter.
The six hundred warriors
Of the Hebrew soldiers.

Plaeu yr Reifft

Efrei etuyl ar veib israel
Vchel enuryt.
Kyt rif dilyn
Rydyn esseyn.
Rygadwys duw dial
Ar plwyf pharaonus.
Dec pla poeni
Kyn eu bodi.
Ymor affwys.
Kyssefinpla pyscawt difa.
Dignawt annwyt.
Eilpla llyffeint lluossawc.
Llewssynt ffronoed.
Tei a threfneu
Achelleu bwyt.
Tryded gwydbet.
Gwychyr gohoget gwalatwyt.
Petwar iccwr
Cur am ystyr edynogyon.
Eil kyguhaes
Ffrwyth coet a maes
Cuwt kylyon.
Pymhet bwystnon.
Ar holl vibnon
Belsit milet
O trwm allet
Chwechet heb eu.
Chwyssic crugeu
Creitheu moryon.
Seithuet taryan
Kynllysc athan
A glaw kynwyt.
Gwynt gordiberth.
Ar deil a gwyd.
Wythuet lloscus.
Llydan eu clust.
Blodeu kyfys.
Nawuet aruthyr
Diuedlawc vthyr
Doniawc nofus.
Du tywyllwc
Drem aneglwc
Dec veinyoeth
Mwyhaf gwynyeith
Ar plwyf kynrein.
Crist iessu christ ioni grein.
Hut ynt clydwr.
Chwechant milwr
Milet efrei.

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