Ten Commandments at the Capitol

I’ll break from my usual avoidance of political subjects to take a soapbox for a few minutes, if I may.

The biggest issue in Louisiana government at this moment is the bill that would put a large monument of the Ten Commandments in front of the Louisiana Capitol, much as Texas did in 2005. At first, the bill picked up speed, but at last was rejected by a panel of Louisiana Senators.

For weeks, the debate has raged both publicly and privately, between Christians and those who are not so Christian.

Oddly enough, the display was proposed by a Democrat (Rep. Patrick Williams, Shreveport). His rationale was:

It’s the basis of all law.

Them’s fightin’ words.

What bothers me so much is not that the bill was rejected (we all knew it was coming). What bothered me was the people’s response. While you had many who were adamantly for it, there were just as many against it. Letter after letter to the editor was published in the paper crying for the separation of Church and State.

One person went so far as to question why we took the Bible’s word over that of the Constitution (the fact that the Constitution was written to be in accordance with the Bible was not, apparently, taken into question).

The real kicker is that, if God really doesn’t exist, then it shouldn’t matter where you put the Ten Commandments because they’re irrelevant. In that case, they’re barely even worth the historical consideration.

All men believe in God. If they didn’t, He’d be irrelevant to them. They wouldn’t care if we honored His Name in public. They’d laugh, yes. But they wouldn’t care. The reason they’re so active in pushing Him out of every circle that “matters” is because they’re scared of Him. They know what will happen if Godly principles are allowed to regain their spot.

The Senators who voted against the display are somewhat of a different story. I’m fairly certain most of them would call themselves Christians in their private lives. But they know that, should this pass, opposition will come (or so they think). The “Christians” among them are too frightened to put their trust in God. They love their positions of power more than the Kingdom.

Is this a detrimental loss for the Kingdom? Absolutely not. But what we learn through things like this is the willingness of our leaders to stand up for Truth (I am proud to say that the Senator for North Louisiana voted in favor of the display). We’ve got to realize that if they won’t be faithful in the little things, they won’t be faithful with the big things.


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