Notes from BWSC, Part 2

From Lecture 6: “Covenantal Structure of College Education” – Dr. Gary North

 College, like every other major institution, naturally falls into a covenantal structure. Therefore, when considering college, or any higher education, the questions that arise from this are important to consider.

First, very quickly, the five-fold covenantal structure (there are four-, six-, and seven-fold structures that have been noted but the five-fold is the most commonly accepted):

  1. Transcendence
  2. Hierarchy
  3. Ethics
  4. Sanctions
  5. Succession

Following this structure, the five questions we need to ask ourselves are these:

  1. Who’s in charge here?
  2. To whom do I report?
  3. What are the rules?
  4. What do I get if I obey, and what is the punishment for disobedience?
  5. Does this outfit have a future?

This model, of course, applies to everything. We can and should ask these questions about any thing before we get involved in it.

North’s remaining five lectures were devoted to going through this structure as it applied to the current American university system.


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