Notes from BWSC, Part 1

From Lecture #2: Is Genesis Relevant? – Dr. David Menton

The #1 reason that many children (usually high school age) fall away from the faith  is that they think that the Word of God in the Bible does not match up with what we are told that science teaches.

Dr. Menton is an prominent biologist who is part of an initiative to prove that the opposite is true: the Creation absolutely speaks to a Creator. He goes so far as to say that, after looking at the design of such seemingly simple things as the ear, he would believe in design, without ever hearing of the Gospel.

An argument from design is powerful when you consider the beauty and function involved: it doesn’t simply do its job: it does it with intricate and beautiful engineering.

Even the most outspoken atheists and evolutionists agree that all the evidence points to design. However, they then pompously state that, since there is no God, it must be something else. So much for objective science. Guess evolution’s a religion after all.

Quote of the day:

Richard Dawkins knows more things that aren’t true than any other human alive.


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