Llyfr Taliesin XIII

The Chair of Taliesin

 I am the agitator
Of the praise of God the Ruler.
With respect to the concerns of song,
The requisites of a profound speaker,
A bard, with the breast of an astrologer.
When he recites
The Awen at the setting in of the evening.
On the fine night of a fine day.
Bards loquacious the light will separate.
Their praise will not bring me to associate,
In the strath, on the course,
With aspect of great cunning.
I am not a mute artist,
Conspicuous among the bards of the people.
I animate the bold,
I influence the heedless;
I wake up the looker on,
The enlightener of bold kings.
I am not a shallow artist,
Conspicuous among kindred bards,
The likeness of a subtle portion,
The deep ocean is suitable
Who has filled me with hatred?
A prize in every unveiling.
When the dew is undisturbed,
And the wheat is reaped,
And the bees are gentle,
And myrrh and frankincense,
And transmarine aloes.
And the golden pipes of Lleu,
And a curtain of excellent silver,
And a ruddy gem, and berries.
And the foam of the sea.
Why will the fountain hasten
Water-cresses of purifying juicy quality?
What will join together the common people?
Worth the nobility of liquor.
And a load that the moon separates,
The placid gentleness of Myrddin.
And philosophers of intelligence
Will study about the moon.
And the influence of an order of men,
Exposed to the breeze of the sky.
And a soddening and effusion,
And a portion after effusion,
And the coracle of-glass
In the hand of the pilgrim,
And the valiant one and pitch,
And the honoured Segyrffyg,
And medical plants.
A place of complete benefit,
And bards and blossoms.
And gloomy bushes,
And primroses and small herbs,
And the points of the tree-shrubs.
And deficiency and possession,
And frequent pledging.
And wine overflowing the brim,
From Rome to Rossed.
And deep still water,
Its stream the gift of God.
Or if it will be wood the purifier,
Fruitful its increase.
Let the brewer give a heat,
Over a cauldron of five trees,
And the river of Gwiawn,
And the influence of fine weather,
And honey and trefoil,
And mead-horns intoxicating
Pleasing to a sovereign,
The gift of the Druids.

Kadeir Taliesin

Mydwyf merweryd.
Molawt duw dofyd.
Llwrw kyfranc kywyd.
Kyfreu dyfynwedyd.
Bard bron sywedyd.
Pan atleferd.
Awen cwdechuyd.
Ar veinnyoeth veinyd.
Beird llafar lluc de.
Eu gwawt nym gre.
Ar ystrat ar ystre.
Ystryw mawr mire.
Nyt mi wyf kerd uut.
Gogyfarch veird tut.
Ryt ebrwydaf drut.
Rytalmarf ehut.
Ryduhunaf dremut.
Teyrn terwyn volut.
Nyt mi wyf kerd vas.
Gogyfarch veird treis.
Bath vadawl idas.
Dofyn eigynaw adas.
Pwy am ledwis kas.
Kamp ympop noethas.
Pan yw dien gwlith.
Allat gwenith.
Agwlit gwenyn.
Aglut ac ystor.
Ac elyw tra mor.
Ac eur biben llew.
A llen aryant gwiw.
A rud em a grawn.
Ac ewyn eigyawn.
Py dyfrys ffynhawn
Berwr byryr dawn.
Py gyssyllt gwerin.
Brecci boned llyn.
Allwyth lloer wehyn.
Lledyf lloned verlyn.
A sywyon synhwyr.
A sewyd am loer.
A gofrwy gwed gwyr.
Gwrth awel awyr.
A mall amerin.
A gwadawl tra merin.
A chorwc gwytrin.
Ar llaw pererin.
A phybyr a phyc.
Ac vrdawl segyrffyc.
A llyseu medyc.
Lle allwyr venffyc.
Abeird ablodeu.
A gudic bertheu.
A briallu a briwdeil.
A blaen gwyd godeu.
A mall ameuued.
A mynych adneued.
A gwin tal kibed.
O rufein hyt rossed.
A dwfyn dwfyr echwyd.
Dawn y lif dofyd.
Neu pren purawr vyd.
Ffrwythlawn y gynnyd.
Rei ias berwidyd.
Oduch peir pumwyd.
A gwiawn auon.
A gofrwy hinon.
A mel a meillon.
A medgyrn medwon
Adwyn y dragon.
Dawn y derwydon.


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