Llyfr Taliesin XII

The Praise of Taliesin

Messengers to me are come, so numerously are they sent,
We shall bring a mutual conflict, so great is my bosom.
Like the effect of the oar in the brine is the liquor of Beli,
Like a light shield on the back of a shadow.
Like wrath and indignation from the protection
Of a Caer, and nine hundred govenors became dead.
There will be a battle on Menei, a vehement retribution.
There will be more on Conwy, the scar of angry strife shall cause it.
Cold death the destiny of the ready muse,
From the vehement blade by the stroke of Edyrn.
Three elegant unrestrainable, fell, heavily laden with forces,
Three fleets in the stream, an omen of the day of gloom.
Three evenings of battle for three proper
Countries: a boat was made a burying place.
Three of every three: three sins
And Eryri a hill of judgement.
A host of Saxons: the second they were, a third affliction.
The Cymry widowhood awaits women.
Before the presence of Cynan fire broke out.
Cadwaladyr will bewail him.
He injured the country with pain,
Straw; and roof of houses; the house he burnt.
There will be a wonder.
A man with the daughter of his brother.
They will cite what is steel
Of the lineage of Anarawd.
From him proceeded
Coch, wise his prudence.
He will not spare nor defend
Either cousin or brother.
At the voice of the warrior’s horn,
Nine hundred were anxious,
Of universal affliction.
Thou wilt be calling forth verdancy from affected praise,
It will run to such as is oppressed in bosom.

Glaswawt Taliesin

Kennadeu am dodynt mor ynt anuonawc.
Dygawn ymlletcynt meint vygkeud awt.
Gnawt rwyf yn heli beli wirawt.
Gnawt yscwyt yscawn argefyn yscawit.
Gnawt gwyth ag adwyth o yspydawt
Gaer. a nawcant maer maer marwhawt.
Atvyd mei ar benei crei gyflogawt.
Atvyd mwy ar gonwy creith gwynyeith gwnahawt.
Adoerlleith dyrreith anaw barawt.
O heyrn erchwyrn edyru dyrnawt.
Tri dillyn diachor droc drymluawc.
Teri llyghes yn aches arymes kyn brawt.
Tri diwedyd kat am dri phriawt
Gwlat. gwnahawt bat betrawt.
Tri o pop tri. tri phechawt.
Ac eryri vre varnhawt.
llu o seis. eil o ynt. trydyd dygnawt.
Ygkymry yd erhy gwraged gweddawt.
Rac baran kynan tan tardawt.
Katwaladyr ae cwyn.
Briwhawt bre a brwyn.
Gwellt a tho tei. ty tandawt.
Atvyd ryfedawt.
Gwr gan verch y vrawt.
Dyfynhyn durawt
Olin anarawt.
O honaw y tyfhawt
Coch kattybrudawt.
Nyt arbet nanawt.
Nachefyn derw na brawt.
Wrth lef corn kadwr
Naw cant ynafyrdwl.
O bedrydant dygnawt.
Dygorelwi lesni o laswawt.
Efret wrth a gawd ygeudawt.

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