Notes from the BH, Day 5

Well, it’s the last day. Before the tearful goodbyes, and the procrastination before the journey home, there were a few last lectures, and a few last points I’ll bring out.

As usual, Jim Jordan’s uncanny ability to turn theology into humor manifested itself while on a rabbit trail on Bread in the Garden.

The Garden is the immature place. It’s the place of children. Which is fine: for children. Once Adam and Eve grew up, they would have moved further up the mountain. (Instead, they sin and are kicked off the mountain).

However, there is a basic problem with the Garden. In Jordan’s words: “No donut trees.”

Allow me to explain.

In the Garden, we have immature food. Wheat, and grapes, raw things like that.

When we are kicked off the mountain, the way back in is guarded by a flaming sword.

To get  back in, we need to use a flaming sword, that is, fire and knives.

We do this by taking wheat, baking it, cutting it, shaping it, maturing it: into donuts (or bread). Bread is mature food. Wine, from grapes, is even more mature (as the fulfillment of the New Covenant) . The Lord’s Supper necessarily requires scientific advancement to be possible.

The Lord’s Supper requires that we grow into maturity. In the Old Covenant, there was one sacrament of Bread, the priestly food. Now we have matured in the New Covenant to Wine, which is a kingly food. We are kings.

This is, as a side point, why only having bread in communion is a sin. The whole point of the New Covenant sacrament is to focus on the wine.

Donuts, and bread and wine, are a sign of scientific advancement and maturity. We shape the world as little creators, because we are in the image of the Creator, and kings with Christ His Son.


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