Notes from the BH, Day 4

The Sex and Death Conference is nearing its end. And we got the lecture on Women we’d all been waiting for.

As referenced earlier, the Church has failed in four major areas: Wine, Women, Song, and War. How exactly have we failed with women?

A good critique of the Church is Islam. Islam takes our problems and multiplies them. Their traps are our pitfalls, albeit in a highly concentrated form. It’s a caricature of the Church: our bad features grossly exaggerated.

In Islam, women are incredibly repressed. In public, they must be covered at all times, and are treated as little better than property, in fact many times as property. They have no rights and no freedoms.

How is this like the Church? Or, have we started down this path, maybe peeked down it?

Two major areas:

  • The double standard of purity. In today’s society, even in Christian circles, the man is pretty much expected to sleep around and sow his wild oats before marriage. However, a woman doing this is instantly written off as a no-good scarlet woman. This is a failure to hold everyone to the same standard, at the very least. Women are expected to shut up and do what they’re told: namely, stay pure. Men, eh, not so much.
  • Suppression and blaming of women. This is most easily seen in the way the women of the Old Testament are viewed. Eve sinned first (Paul tells us this is not the case), Rebekah deceived Isaac, Rahab was a harlot, oh my (despite her obvious repentance), et cetera. When Jesus meets the woman at the well, and we learn of her many husbands, we immediately assume the fault lies with her, when in fact she was a very well respected and trusted woman in Samaria. We know this because when she returns to town and tells of Jesus, she is immediately believed and her word is well received.

This is why feminism is such a problem today. Things like gay rights movements, feminism, etc., all stem from failures of the Church. In this case, it’s the Church’s failure to glorify the woman. If they can’t get it from the Church as they ought, they’ll get it some other way.

Woman is the glory of man. When Adam is alone, before Eve, the word for man is adam, which means “dirt.” After Eve is created from Adam, the word for man becomes ish, that is, “fire.” Woman turns dull earth into living flame.

“The woman’s touch” is not a chauvinistic phrase. Women glorify things. Anyone who’s ever seen a bachelor pad knows this to be an undeniable fact.

Women completes man in a way nothing else can. They take what we initiate and make it better.

The Church has miserably failed in this regard. Feminism will continue its twisted gospel unless we put women in their proper place as the glory of the man. Women are the improved versions of men.

And lest you think I’m advocating women pastors, not at all. Quite the opposite. In the Bible, we have queens, prophetesses, deaconesses, etc., but never priestesses. Why? Because a priest, or today, a pastor, is a slave. They are servants of the Body; the clerical collar is a yoke. We do not want our women to be slaves.


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