Notes from the BH, Day 1

Welcome to Florida. Beaches (oil-free as far as I can tell), local cuisine, and right about this time of year, the infamous Biblical Horizons Conference.

Each day this week, I’ll be taking one or two things that really struck me during the lectures, and display it for all of you few, you happy few, to see.

At no charge.

Only one lecture tonight, so that narrows my field of blogging material.

James B. Jordan spoke on the areas the Church has failed: Wine, Women, Song, and War.

Speaking primarily of war tonight, he made a point about what the enemies of God fear the most. Things such as the angels (us), children, tithing. But of course, the Lord’s Supper.

This is a war feast. After eating, we go out and defeat Satan. But the point I would like to bring out is that bread has a risk.

The risk of infection.

When we eat of the same loaf, we risk passing our afflictions on to one another. It may be, as we partake in the same Body, we bear each others burdens. Maybe the reason you have cancer is so another brother does not have to have cancer.

This brings “bearing each others burdens” to the front in a very physical, real, way. Eating is not something we just do between us and Christ. It is being united in communion with us, Christ, and the entire Christian body.

Do not think that you can be off, doing your thing, aside from the Body of Christ. We are in this together in a way that we can never lose sight of. The enemies of God tremble when we partake, as an army. They know they cannot stand before us when we unite.

More to come.

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